If you’ve passed with us and would like to tell us how we did, please leave your review

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Having just passed my test I would like to say a special thanks to Ash. I cannot recommend this guy enough. He is easy to get along with, always put you at ease and is brilliant at judging your skills. A very knowledgeable instructor and one that should be highly sought after!

Pax Kongolo

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Just passed my practical test first time with Ash as my instructor and man is that guy a godsent! He’s super good at judging one’s skill level, very accommodating and helpful when it comes to overcoming one’s difficulties and overall is just a great guy to have in the seat next to you when you’re going through this stressful process.

I could not recommend anyone else more highly for this so when you’re signing up make sure to ask for Ash!

Thanks again man!

Milan Banerjee

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Had Ash as my Instructor, AMAZING guy to have lessons with! Help me find out where my weak points were so we could hone them and make them better (mine was bay parking and now the easy as can be). And under his instruction I passed my theory and practical first time!


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Just passed my test today with Ash, he was amazing, he really helped me to identify where I was going wrong and understand why, he totally transformed the way I drive and helped me break all my bad habits. Ash is always really accommodating and tried to work around my schedule the best he could. I highly recommend him, Ash, thank you so much!


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Ash was my driving instructor helped me pass 1st time highly recommend him great guy

Claire Maudsley

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I passed on the 18th of April at my first attempt with Ash as my instructor. I had 24 hours with him from start to finish and he was fantastic, very patient and explained everything very clearly. If you’re looking to learn with someone then I cannot recommend Ash enough.


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Asch was fantastic. Very calm and collected instructor who always kept his cool when situations seemed precarious. He had a great way of explaining things and lots of hints and tips for manoeuvres and the test enviorment itself. The lesson structure was always well thought out and he never put me in a situation where I didn’t feel comfortable. Would highly recommend – great guy.

Leo Hebdige

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Ash was my driving instructor and he helped me pass first time! He’s a great teacher, always calm and friendly and knows how to break down the driving technique into small steps. He’s also a really nice guy that’s fun to spend time with, even when things start to get a bit frustrating. As a result, I always looked forward to my lessons with Ash.

Daniel Fisher

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Daniel was a great instructor and supporter for me. Helped a lot at the start of my lessons to build up my confidence of driving again and didn’t look back from there. If you are looking for an instructor then Daniel is the one for you.

Ben Lawrence

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I would thoroughly recommend Dan as a driving instructor to any driver wanting to learn


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A huge thanks to Ash for helping pass my test first time. I would recommend him to anyone. He makes you feel at ease and builds your confidence while driving. There are only positives from every lesson I had. Thanks again Ash!

Daniel Mather

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Just a thanks to Ash for the lessons, which led to me passing first time. Ash was a great instructor who was friendly and really helped my confidence behind the wheel.

Tom Whitmarsh

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Passed my test first time on 23/10/18. I was a very nervous driver and lacked a lot of confidence, Ash was fantastic in helping build that confidence and allowing me to take lessons at my own pace. He was amazingly accommodating with my job and other commitments and allowed me to fit lessons in that worked with my life as well as helping me to put in all the hours I needed to pass my test quickly.
He is a really lovely guy and great to chat to, has lots of easy routines to help you learn. I cannot thank him enough for all the time and effort he put in to helping me and I have recommended him to all my friends and family.

Ilona Weir

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Ash is a legend!

Such an amazing instructor, top bloke and knows his stuff… felt like I made a friend. I would recommend anyone for Ash, so easy to get along with and will get you passing with style!

A great Ambassador for 1st Driving Devon!

Cheers mate! (Hope I haven’t embarrassed you too much)


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I found learning with Dan a comfortable and enjoyable experience. There was no pressure added for me to pass my test or to develop as a driver at a certain speed. I would like to thank the effort and time he took to coach me to learn to drive, the whole process was encouraging and I never left a lesson disheartened. Would really recommend learning with Dan:)

Matt Turner

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I passed my test last Thursday 20/09/2018 and would like to give Ash a big thank you for all his help and support.
Ash has been a great instructor, he was extremely patient, explained things clearly, was flexible with lessons, had faith in my ability even when I didn’t.
Ash is friendly, and very easy to get along with.
I’ll never forget who helped me overcome my nerves, improve my confidence to drive and pass my test.
Thank you Ash.

Gill Anderson

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I passed my test first time with flying colours all thanks to my instructor Ash. Great teacher and easy to get on with. Top guy!
I’ve recommended him to friends and family and would recommend him to all new learners. He makes driving clear and easy to understand without any pressure.
Can’t thank him enough!


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I passed my test today. I would like to give big shout-out to Dan, my instructor, for his excellent tuition skills, patience, and dedication. Dan has been absolutely a joy to work with throughout my driving experience. He is understanding, calm, perceptive, friendly, and professional, qualities you would want to have in your instructor, regardless of your level of driving. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Dan!


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I passed first time this week after learning with Ash. He was brilliant from start to finish, and improved not only my driving but also my confidence so that I now feel safe and happy to drive on my own. He was always friendly and flexible, and even managed to fit in an extra lesson the week before my test when I was nervous. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, I don’t think I would have passed without his help.

Thank you so much Ashley!


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A massive thanks to Dan, I felt he was very knowledgable and very trusting in my ability which allowed me to progess quicker. He was very good with his instructions and how he taught the lessons really sunk in thanks to his laid back approach which really took the pressure off driving and allowed me to focus on he learning aspect


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A HUGE thank you for Steve !!!

I have passed my test with him today and without him i couldn’t make it . He was my second instructor on my journey but he taught me more than the previous one or anybody around me. He was patient all the times ,funny,easy going and very helpful,flexible.Always took the pressure off me If you ladies and gentleman`s need a great driving instructor I highly recommend Steve! Thank you for your company Steve appreciate it :)


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So pleased to have passed first time under Daniel Evans! Great instructor, always calm and friendly – he even helped me conquer *that* roundabout. Would recommend to anyone looking to pass their test in Exeter.

Jack Crundwell

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I was an unusual sort of student in that I am fromIreland but the only driving license I ever had was from America where I drove an automatic car for a couple of years. Dan was very patient when, on my first lesson, my urge to drive on the right nearly got the better of me!

Dan was a model instructor throughout. Amiable, patient, well-informed, and full of handy tips and advice. He put me at ease from the first day to the last.

I very strongly recommend Dan and will mention him to American drivers I know who need to adopt to the peculiarities of English roads (especially roundabouts – a true anomaly to drivers from the other side of the Atlantic!).


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Steve really helped me with my driving as he helped to boost my confidence, he helped me to relax more by being really chatty and friendly which really helps! He was really flexible with lessons which really helped as I was balancing college and work, I would recommend him as an instructor!


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I passed my test recently 1st time with Steve, I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor he was very patient with me as I was so nervous but he managed to keep me calm and put me at ease. He was very professional and really friendly and easy to get along with. Can’t thank him enough for everything he done for me, i will miss our lessons. Would definitely recommend him.
Thank you Steve.


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Dan was as helpful as he could possibly be. He explained things really clearly and would always to constructive whenever mistakes were made, meaning that you’d know exactly how to improve and become a better driver. He’s really friendly which really helps with any kind of nerves or tricky situations. Passed with 2 minors and am so grateful for how much he has helped me. Thank you so much Dan!

Ewan Anthony

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I recently passed with Dan, and couldn’t recommend him enough. Perfectly patient, but not so much that you become complacent. He teaches you what matters and will ensure your focus is In the right place. Dan addresses faults patiently until they’re gone completely, and his laid back nature absolutely puts you at ease and gives you confidence to drive on your own. Thanks Dan!!


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I honestly can’t recommend 1st for driving Devon enough.

Steve is an absolute professional yet still patient and friendly.

I passed first time and couldn’t be happier!

Thankyou so much, now to buy that Ferrari I’ve always dreamed of!

Matthew Flint

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Dan was a brilliant instructor who keeps a very calm environment in his car. I had previous experience with another driving school and had failed a few tests with them before. The gulf in teaching ability between the two is unbelievable, I went from being someone with essentially no driving confidence, to passing first time with Dan, with a very smooth test. I Can not stress how much of a difference it made having an instructor who remained calm and patient, yet at the same time took the lessons at a pace that meant that I was fully prepared for my test in a short space of time.

I strongly recommend Dan to anybody looking to learn how to drive, the instructor you choose really makes a huge difference.


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2 years ago I went with a company to learn Drive I did over 40 hours 3 tests and failed them all which totally knocked my confidence. But about a month ago I decided this time I needed to do it I have 3 small children and dragging them on busses all the time was just horrendous. With only 2 weeks to fit in 20 hours of driving before my test Steve did it he slotted me in wherever he had the time we started early and spent hours each day, 3,4,5 and even 6 hours one of the days. But however stressed I got Steve remained calm and got me through it he was so patient and we worked together to get all the hours done. Then it came the dreaded test day, I was so worried and nervous and Steve said something so true to me… ‘Holly do this for yourself, not your partner, not your kids, but you!’. Then with only 2 minors I had passed!!! I was so shocked and surprised. I still can’t believe it now! All this because of Steve I never could have done it otherwise! So thankyou Steve it really was a pleasure learning to drive with you and I will never forget you, the man who helped me achieve one of the best things I’ve ever done! Thankyou so much!
Holly x

Holly Grunsell

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Passed first time, and it all thanks to Steve, and his amazing teaching skills! Didn’t feel like i was under pressure with him. Really friendly, and great guy, and great tutor. I have a lot to thank for him, and 1st 4 Driving Devon. Fantastic tutor, fantastic company! Highly recommended!!!
Thanks Steve!!!

Daniel Naggy

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I passed yesterday, first time thanks to Steve!
Before Steve I’d had another instructor (in another company) who put me down, made me feel I was a bad driver and also made me feel unsafe. From the first moment driving with Steve I was so much more comfortable, he quickly picked up on the areas I was having difficulty with and helped me to target them. My driving improved so much just in the space of the first 2 hours. He is intuitive and explains things in a way that is clear and simple. With Steve learning to drive became something fun instead of a chore. He is a funny, patient guy and is such a great teacher. I honestly wouldn’t have wanted anyone else as my instructor, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you!

Katie Hardman

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Dan Evans is a superb instructor who is both effective and fun. He is very methodical in the way that he teaches – he encourages you to build up your confidence but also challenges you to progress when you are ready to learn more. He was always transparent so if I was doing well, he would tell me and if I made mistakes, he would clearly communicate what I had done and the steps I could take to correct it.

This consistent building up of skills helped me pass my test first try and there was not a single time when I didn’t feel safe – Dan was always alert and ready to step in if I made a mistake, which was a real comfort.

As someone who had a few lessons with a different driving school first, I cannot express enough how much of a difference it makes having an instructor who challenges you while making you feel safe.

I fully recommend Dan to anybody looking to learn how to drive.

Matthew Williams

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In 6 weeks with Steve, although it was an intensive course, i went from zero driving experience and being terrified of every road user to passing and feeling confident enough to do so.

he 100% understood why i needed to drive and how important it was that we kept at it in addition he was very good at fixing issues i had with driving, even though it felt at times i was making 0 process.

its now been a month since i last had a driving lesson with Steve and i haven’t had to look back he was a phenomenal teacher and easy to get along with and i have nothing buts praise for the way he taught me and managed our time together

p.s. sorry for the late review its been hectic having all this freedom :D

Jake May

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Daniel is a fantastic driving instructor. He is very patient and kind, he will try his best to make you feel relax and comfortable while driving. He will also points out your mistakes immediately and he will make sure you won’t make the same mistake again. My driving skill and attitude has improved a lot by taking lesson with Daniel, so I do recommend Daniel Evans as your first choice driving instructor.

Damon W

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Steve is a great instructor and very good patience


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Dan Evans is an excellent instructor! He has a great sense of humour and was so helpful when I was unsure about anything. i felt super relaxed and confident about my driving whilst learning with Dan. I recommend this guy!


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A big thank you to Dan Evans for helping me pass my test! I had put off learning to drive for a couple of years but his friendly manner and structured lessons quickly eased me of my nerves. He was always patient qnd explained everything clearly to make sure I was confident in my own ability. Would definitely recommend Dan to anyone wanting to learn.


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Thankyou to Dan for helping me pass my driving test, had a few bumps and struggles but got there in the end, absolutely fantastic instructor, and helped me accomplish a milestone for myself, thankyou,

James Davis

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Steve Bampton is not only a brilliant driving teacher but also a brilliant guy.
He has a fantastic scene of humour and is always positive and patient. i was not the best student ! and after only a few months after turning 17 i past my driving test first time!!!!.
DEFINITELY recommend Steve as an instructor. i really enjoyed my learning experience with him, lessons where never a drag and he always made it interesting and im very thankful for all hes done.


Truan Ellis

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Daniel Evans is a legend!! Best driving instructor ever! He manges to explain everything clearly and concisely whilst still maintaining a relaxed fun, environment. The perfect teacher for both nervous and confident learners. Yay… I passed today so I am a driver!

Donna Pagliero

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Steve Bampton from 1st 4 Driving Devon was not only an excellent instructor, he was a genuinely great guy with a brilliant sense of humour and he couldn’t have made my learning experience any better. He was calm and patient which was great for me, as I’d never driven a car at all by the age of 26. His feedback, tips and instructions were brilliant and he was always clear on what I needed to improve on in order to successful pass my test, which I did on my first attempt. Having been recommended Steve by two friends of mine, it’s safe to say that he’s built an excellent reputation within the Exeter area and I’ll be certain to recommend him to anyone I know looking to learn to drive in the future. If you want an enjoyable, fun and successful learning experience, contact Steve at 1st 4 Driving Devon immediately. Thanks Steve!

Lee Foster

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I passed my driving test this morning and I could honestly not have done it without Steve by my side every step of the way. Every lesson Steve managed to put me at ease and made sure I was fit for driving, he was calm but also explained any mistakes I made and how to overcome them in the best possible way. I can’t thank Steve enough for his guidance and above it all it was a great ride! So thanks Steve, for all the laughs and the help, I’VE PASSED WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

Amanda Overend

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I passed my test first time today on 22/6/17. I had Steve Bampton, he is a great instructor, he helped me so much with learning how to drive.hes patient calm and every lesson felt comfortable and we had a laugh. I will be recommending all friends and family to 1st 4 driving.Thank you so much steve


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Under the tutorage of Daniel Evans, I was able to pass my driving test, and it cannot go unsaid how effective and influential the teachings of Evans was to the successful completion of my driving training.

A perpetually calm and friendly presence, with a great sense of humour, excellent road knowledge and well structured lessons – if you want to learn to drive, Dan’s the man!

Matt Ware

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I passed first time with Daniel Evans. He is a great instructor, made me feel at ease whilst driving as he was patient and calm. The lessons were really fun. Daniel is a great instructor and I wouldn’t have been able to pass without him!

Tuesday Alner

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After failing my first practical driving test my previous instructor gave me Dan Evans’ details, through Dan’s professionalism and structured organisation skills we planned the lesson that suited us both. In 10 hours I passed with only 5 faults on my test but this could not be achieved without the abundant guidance from Instructor Dan Evans, he is knowledgeable, understanding and charismatic.

Thank you so much for all your help,


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I passed my driving test today with Steve. He was very helpful and patient with me considering when I started I had no idea what I was doing! He was a good laugh and always made sure that, even though they where sometimes stressful and scary, I enjoyed my lessons. He has taught my two brothers and now myself and we are all very grateful we now have the freedom to go wherever we wish. Thanks again Steve :)


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I passed my driving test last week, with Steve. Steve is a great instructor! Very patient, very friendly makes you feel more comfortable behind the wheel.
He always help to calm me down and get me in the routine which is very helpful in the real test.Would thoroughly recommend learning through his guidance! Thank you so much Stevel for all of your help and for giving me the boost I needed to pass my test.


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I passed today 25/04/17 first time with Alan. Thank you so much Alan, you are an amazing instructor, very easy to get along with and very thorough in your teaching! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I’d fully recommend Alan. Sharp Sharp!

Nomsa Ntuli

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I passed with Dan Evans from first attempt and it was truly a team work. Dan is a great instructor, very patient and very professional. All his tips that he taught me i have used at the test and surely passed because everything Dan said was so useful. He has so much patience, i have done same mistakes few times and he would keep correcting and teaching how do to it right and at the test i did all correctly. Dan knows literally every single road in Exeter. Also Dan was never late, flexed his timetable that was suitable to me due to my work. From day one he believed that i will pass from first attempt and i did. Even at the test i could feel his support and most importantly the examiner said that instructor who taught me did a good job. I didnt have much time to prepare but thanks to Dan we managed to go throught everyhting i need to drive and to pass the test. I never had other experience of driving lessons and i am very glad that i learnd to drive with Dan and i feel very confident at the road. Thank you Daniel Evans


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I passed today at the 1st time of asking after an intensive course with Steve. He is a really good instructor and explains everything in good detail to give a thorough understanding. He provides the rIght atmosphere for quick learning, knowing when to be gentle and when to be more stern. A big thank you Steve!

Aymeric du Bouchet

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I passed today with Daniel Evans! He’s a brilliant instructor whose calm, friendly and knows what he’s doing. He is also really reliable and is flexible for timings. He makes you feel confident driving from the first lesson onwards. Definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. He’s also really easy to talk to which makes the lessons way more fun!

Anna Hoffman

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I passed with Dan Evans on 18/4/17 2nd time after failing the first time with a different instructor. Dan is very good at picking up the faults that cost me to fail the first time and as a result these were rectified by doing 4 lessons with him. Very calm, patient and sound lad would recommend him to anyone wantin to learn. All round legend.
Thanks again Dan!

Brandon Smith

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I passed today with Steve who was a brilliant instructor and very patient as I was starting out with so little knowledge. He is very understanding and down to earth person making the whole process a lot easier. The websites online theory tests were incredibly helpful especially the hazard perception practice tests as it was so similar to the real thing. Thanks again to Steve and 1st 4 Driving.


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I passed today with Steve who was a brilliant instructor and very patient as I was starting out with so little knowledge. He is very understanding and down to earth person making the whole process a lot easier. The websites online theory tests were incredibly helpful especially the hazard perception practice tests as it was so similar to the real thing. Thanks again to Steve and 1st 4 Driving.


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Dan is an excellent teacher! He is a calm, patient and considerate instructor. I suffered with nerves whilst learning to drive and Dan helped me through this with his attentive approach. He is understanding, but also knows precisely when to move you on. I tried several instructors before taking lessons with Dan. He has a brilliant way of adapting his teaching to match an individual’s learning style. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Thank you, Dan!

Amy Adkin

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I passed today with Steve Bampton, who delivered a great set of lessons and was a good laugh in the process!! He took me through my 20hr course at a comfortable rate and was very good at explaining how to do the manoeuvres, etc. – would definitely recommend!!


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I passed with Daniel Evans first time last wednesday ! Very knowledgable and easy to talk to instructor, he gave me the driving skills I needed to be confident on the road.
Highly reccomend to everyone ! :D


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I passed my test today, 14th February 2017, FIRST TIME! Steve was my Instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. He is patient, calm and very friendly to the point that I will now miss our driving lessons! I admit to being quite a nervous pupil but Steve always put me at ease. Many thanks, Steve – from Rick Hill.

Rick Hill

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Daniel Evans is a brilliant instructor with very clear instructions on how to do things, very patient as well so just thank you very much for helping me pass!

Daniel Cross

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I PASSED test at 7th Feb 2017 with my instructor DANIEL who is constantly patient and helpful in each lesson. He always encourages me and my confidence was build up by following his guidance. I found he can easily explain everything in a brief way. Such a nice instructor. Well worth to start driving with Daniel.

Allan Li

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Dan was a brilliant instructor who clearly really cares about passing his pupils.
He was patient, clear, calm and an excellent teacher.
He was happy to work around my busy university schedule and last minute changes.
His teaching style was really beneficial in achieving my best driving ability possible.
Thanks again Dan!

Gaspard Chmielewski

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I passed with Dan and he has been an amazing teacher! Teaches you how to drive, not just pass a test, giving you confidence. Really friendly, puts of at ease with his jokes. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Sophie Pinion

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I began my driving lessons with Dan Evans at the beginning of November and I passed on the 7th of December. Dan was an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Dan places an emphasis on your safety and the safety of others, as well as giving advise in relation to ‘real life driving’. I quickly built up a great rapper with Dan. He’s very personable and easy to chat to, which I believe is incredibly important as it calms you down and makes your driving far more natural. Thank you very much, Dan!

Joe Hodson

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Steve supported me to realise my ambitions when it came to learning to drive. He was superb at reading my driving and comfort levels – deciding when to push me, when to go back over something and when I was ready to move on. He is a true professional when it comes to teaching you to drive, but combines this with a down to earth and relatable personality. I passed first time, and after a week on the road I know I’ll always have a little Steve in my head (especially at roundabouts!) reminding me to check my blindspots. Thanks Steve.

Jakob Lewis

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I passed first time after lessons with Allan. He’s a brilliant instructor, really patient and relaxed whilst knowing how far to push you each lesson. He’s rigorous with the quality of your driving and we went over skills until they were consistently good, but he also lets you control what you focus on in your lesson. I really recommend learning with Allan if you’re looking for an instructor.


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I recently passed first time with Alan Taylor as my instructor. I instantly felt comfortable, Alan made things clear and simple. He knew when I needed a push but also knew when I needed to move on if I was getting frustrated. We had loads of laughs and he was always calm and relaxed even when I wasn’t! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive

Thanks Alan!

Michelle Penna

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Passed with 3 minors after 17 lessons with Dan. I was very happy with Dan’s instructing; he’s very relaxed and laid back but also knows when to give you a push along. The lessons were nicely paced and I felt like new skills were introduced at the right time. Always punctual and easy to arrange lessons with. Recommended without hesitation.

Simon Townsend

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Daniel is a great instructor. I received lots help and encouragement from him. He has excellent knowledge of driving skills and he taught me these skills in a very patient way. He always comes to pick me up on time, never late. He is a wonderful person. I highly recommend Daniel. Thanks so much!


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Just passed my test after 30 hours with Daniel! He’s a great instructor and a good laugh too. I highly recommend Daniel as an instructor, can’t thank him enough!!

Sammi Barley

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Steve Bampton was a great instructor, it was great fun and i surprised myself how quickly i learnt the skills required. Being in my final year of school i wanted to try and pass my test before the end of the year so i could concentrate on my final exams. Yes i did it, after 33 hours of lessons i passed first time. i have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve, he calms your nerves and helps you learn quick and i feel safe and competent on the road. Many Many thanks Steve.


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I passed my driving test with around 38 hours and honestly I couldn’t of wished for anything more. Steve Bampton was my instructor and he was better than I could of wished for. Very patient helped me with any questions I had and just made me a better and safe driver. I recommend him to everyone who asks me about lessons. Thanks so much

Mark McIntosh

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passed my driving test with Steve Bampton after struggling with a couple of other instructors who i thought didnt have the patience,steve got me through it and made me feel at ease at all times..i would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is overly nervous or anxious about learning to drive..I cant thank Steve enough for getting me there …my sister is just waiting on her provisional to come and we know she is in great hands with steve

Sean Melvin

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I passed my test today first attempt, and Dan helped me so much all the way through. He was always very calm and patient with me, and good fun to learn with. He’s happy to go at whatever learning pace you’re comfortable with, but isn’t afraid to push you when you need it.
I highly recommend him, he’s a great teacher. Thanks for everything Dan!!

Lotte Wood

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On the 28/09/2016 I passed with Daniel Evans and I can honestly say I could not have done it without him, having been with 4 instructors he was really the only instructor that really helped me pass my test. He is so laid back and fun to have lessons with it really made driving lessons enjoyable, if you’re learning to drive then Daniel is definitely the person you want to learn with!

Sophie Carpenter

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I passed my driving test first time with Daniel. A great driving instructor who believed I could pass throughout. With constant help and encouragement I got the result I wanted. I strongly recommend him as an instructor as he’s very easy to communicate with and very helpful. Thanks again Daniel.

Anthony Wright

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I passed at second attempt with the guidance of Dan Evans.
Dan excels in being an instructor, he’s professional but makes you feel comfortable and indeed relaxed.
I believe we hit it off straight away and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch.
I’d highly recommend Dan/1st Driving to anybody considering to learn.
It’s affordable lessons with a top bloke.
Thanks for getting me through


Scott Arnold

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Passed my driving test on 07/09/2016 with Daniel Evans.

What a brilliant instructor Daniel is! He’s such a friendly guy and made me feel instantly at ease and relaxed from the very first lesson. It took me a few attempts to pass and he was very patient with me, giving me the confidence and motivation to see it through. Daniel was really flexible and helped me out at the beginning when we were doing 4 hour lessons every Sunday. Also, he was very supportive with my Theory test, giving me loads of helpful tips throughout my practical lessons, helping me pass with ease. I enjoyed all of my lessons, filled with lots of banter, football talk and plenty of advice about my plans to travel/work in New Zealand!

I would strongly recommend anyone to start learning with Daniel.

Matt Ward

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I passed my practical driving test after great tutelage from Daniel. His teaching style is very relaxed which in turn helps increase confidence and smooths out any nervous edges. He has a way of explaining things so they are easy to understand and put in practice.
Highly recommended.


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Recently passed my test with Allan Taylor! Great instructor who was extremely knowledgable and patient. Anybody thinking of learning to drive should really consider him. Shaun.

Shaun Dixon

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I recently passed my driving test after being taught by the wonderful Allan Taylor. Throughout the time I spent learning to drive Allan was consistently patient and supportive, always offering reassurances when i doubted my ability and allowing me to grow confident behind the wheel. Would thoroughly recommend learning through his guidance!


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Passed my driving test today second time. Honestly could not of asked for a better driving instructor. Allan was welcoming, patient and calm with me even though I got stressed and annoyed he helped me through. Driving lessons were calm and fun, always looked forward to them with Allan!

Chloe England

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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Allan Taylor for all your knowledge and experience which enabled me to pass my test with only 3 driver faults! Your driving experience was valuable from the beginning in making me feel at ease and confident in my abilities to drive the best I can.
Cannot be more thankful for your patience with me throught my ups and downs, but we got it right in the end!!

Denny Nikolova

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Steve was such a great instructor!! Passed first time with only 2 minors which was fab!!! He’s fun and chatty which made learning to drive even more exciting!! Thanks Steve!!!


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I passed my driving test 1st time with Dan. He is flexible, patient and a great teacher. My son also passed with him, and others in the family are learning with him now. Highly recommended!

Kath Bradbrook

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Thanks to Daniel I passed my driving test. Really easy going and flexible with times and dates.

Ashton Worth

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I passed my Driving Test 27/06/2016 with Daniel, what a credit he is to your company, he was very supportive and I felt very comfortable and relaxed on every lesson, nothing was too much trouble, always very patient and gave me the motivation to see it through and pass my driving test, also brilliant for fitting my lessons around work.. Thank you very much Daniel it’s been great learning with you

Craig Ross

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I have just passed my driving test on Thursday 28/07/2016. I really thanks Steve! I am from Hong Kong, and my English is not good. Then I had a bad experience with another driving instruct, so when that course finished, I stopped learned a few month. Then I found Steve but he was busy, so I have to waited 3 month for him. But that is worth to wait. He is really a brilliant driving instructor. He was patient,friendly, and he really want you to pass your driving test. I am really glad I have learned from him! Thank you very much Steve!


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Passed test on June 29th, with Steve Bampton, great instructor, very kind, very helpful, and a really really nice guy. Was very good with fitting lessons in around my work and college, and would recommend him to anyone, also found time to squeeze lessons in when test was approaching which helped a lot. Would recommend to anyone.

Joe Rees

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I was learning with Steve Bampton, such a great instructor he knows exactly what he’s going on about helped me to pass first time I would suggest him to anyone that wants to learn beginner or with some experience defiantly worth a shot!! Plus a really friendly and warm service is provided throughout all lessons. Great guy Thankyou Steve.

Nathan Greenough

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Passed my driving test with 7 minors and am delighted! I was worried before the test but Allan reminded me confidence and determination are key so thanks to Allan for being such a great and patient teacher and helping me pass first time!


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I passed first time Daniel on Tuesday! Daniel was incredible from the start; although I was initially nervous he made me feel completely at ease and his teaching techniques made me feel confident from my first lesson. I started learning with no theory test being completed and Daniel supported me through this by using our practical lessons as a tool to teach theory in addition to actual driving! Daniel gave me all of the information and support I needed to pass first time as well as being adaptable with lesson times due to my current working commitments. Thank you so much Daniel for all of your help and for giving me the self esteem boost I needed to pass the final test !

Adam Shaw

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I passed my test a week ago and am still on cloud nine!!
I chose Steve Bampton as he had already taught my daughter.
I too found Steve to be an excellent instructor. He was very calm and relaxed which helped me to feel the same. Steve is very patient and was a great laugh!! Steve made the whole experience enjoyable. Will miss my weekly lesson. Thank you so much Steve. I got there!!!!!

Deborah Gaunt

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I was in the middle of my second year at University when I decided I needed to get my driving license under my belt. I knew absolutely nothing about driving, was incredibly nervous, and didn’t want to go through a big driving school. I didn’t have any recommendations for instructors, as none of my friends had learned to drive in Exeter, so I decided to look around online and stumbled across this website. Reading through the reviews, Steve sounded like the sort of kind instructor who might be able to help me. And he did! I had to take large gaps between clusters of lessons because of travelling and returning home, but Steve always made sure to fit me in and I knew he was committed to getting me my licence. When I first started I really couldn’t imagine myself passing, and I did. Honestly, if Steve can teach me, he can teach anyone.

Mary Read

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Thanks to Steve Bampton at 1st4Driving I feel like a pro driver, he’s a great guy and a pleasure to spend time with! I was a bit gutted that I past my test so quick as I do miss our lessons together, I could not imagine having anyone else teach me! All in all it was a great experience with a great guy that achieved great results! I would recommend anyone and everyone to do there lessons with Steve. “Thanks Steve” :)

James Jordan

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I would like to thank 1st 4 driving Devon and especially Steve Bampton my instructor for all your help in getting me to passed my test first time and I would highly recommend them to anyone Steve was very calm with me and made my feel very relaxed and at ease so a massive thanks to you Steve I’m loving my freedom.

Billy Little

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Steve is a great instructor! Very patient and teaches you in way easy to understand, he’s been able to give me the skills needed to pass my test and I would highly recommend him


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Steve was a great instructor. So patient, and good at explaining things in an easy way to understand. I found it quite challenging learning to drive, but Steve’s friendly chatter helped me to relax and recover my confidence if I’d made a mistake. If you’re nervous about learning to drive (or even if you’re not!) Steve would be the perfect instructor.

Isabel Mills

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Steve was an amazing instructor, he was extremely patient and helpful. Thank you so much 1st 4 driving!


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I have just passed my driving test on Thursday 10th September 2015 with 1 minor and Steve was my driving instructor. I am lucky enough to work for a school so have the summer off, I asked if Steve to take me from a very confident beginner to driver in 6 weeks and he did it! Exactly 6 weeks today from starting our first lesson, I am now driving myself around Exeter.
I found Steve friendly and calm – two important factors for me – he never told me off and always gave positive encouragement. I also love the calming Devon accent (I’m from London).
I couldn’t be happier and it is all Steve’s great instructing, when friends of mine are looking to find an instructor, I wouldn’t point them in any other direction.
Thank you Steve for your patience and diary flexibility!!


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Well what can I say… Steve is an amazing instructor!!! I read the reviews on this site before deciding who to learn with, and with all the reviews on here being so positive, I was sure that Steve was the man to go with… And boy did I make the right decision. His teaching techniques and knowledge is fantastic. Every lesson I learnt so much and improved constantly. And from never driving before the beginning of 2015, I passed my theory and practical test (with 4 minors) within 6 weeks approx. I can’t thank Steve enough for the time and effort he put in to help me become a successful driver and pass my test. So if anyone reading this review is having any doubt what so ever with whom to learn to drive with.. pick Steve. I would recommend him to anyone.


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I can’t express to anyone enough how brilliant steve Bampton is i passed first time today with only two minors and that’s thanks to Steve he really is just brilliant and knows how to make you feel confident and believe in your self I’d rate him ten out of ten easily!!

Kitty Brough

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Prior to doing the intensive course with Steve Bampton, I had failed 3 driving tests 5 years before with another company.

We talked about my previous weaknesses and Steve drilled me into the correct routines to ensure I felt confident in all aspects of driving. When test day arrived I felt confident within myself, and sure enough I passed with just 2 minors.

It was a pleasure to do the intensive course with Steve, a genuinely nice guy with superb instructor skills. Now that I’ve passed I feel I’ve got all the skills necessary to be competent on the road! If you want to pass your test then I’d highly recommend 1st4drivingdevon over any other.

Alexander (Sandy) Urquhart

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I don’t think I could have picked better instructor then Steve Bampton! I used to get very nervous on my driving lessons and he had enough patience as well as was able to stop me from worrying so much! Tough me great skills in a short space of time as well as made me laugh, very easy to get along with. Thank you so much again!

Lina Samoskaite

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Thank you very much for your huge help, Steve Bampton! I passed my driving test first time with Steve only with 3 minors. Even if I still felt not confident 2 days before my test day, so I called Steve to ask for his help, he is very flexible and kind car instructor, spent all his time to explain and showed me how I could revolve my driving difficulties, he knew exactly what the problem was, that was really important for pupils who would like to pass on their first time. In addition, Steve is a very patient, funny, passionate guy, I really recommend him as your car instructor if you want to learn how to drive and to pass first time:-)

Weiwei (Sophie)

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Today I passed my test and I honestly could not have done it without the guidance and support from Steve! After experiencing difficulties with 2 different instructors my confidence was low!
But as soon as I got into the car with Steve that all changed, not only did I feel comfortable I felt like I could actually progress, his patience is the best, and at times with me he definitely needed it.
I highly recommend Steve to everybody he gives the best experience! The only down side is that now my Saturdays with Steve are over :( thank you so much Steve! X


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I studied with Steve Bampton and he helped me pass his friendly and professional manner made it easier for me to learn, 1st 4 driving Exeter have been brilliant the lesson costings are very good when you book in advance.
with the help i got through this 1st 4 driving Exeter is 5* can not fault it.

Adam Nicholson

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Hello everybody
I m so happy today
7-May -2014
pass first time driving test.
Thank you Steve. real experience instruction.
Also very good teaching. Thank you for everything I will give you comment AAAAA++++++++++++ All the best

Murat Dogantekin

Natasha Breen

Massive thanks to Steve for finally getting me through this! :) Really struggled with six different instructors and several previous attempts…I had all most given up hope! I would highly recommend Steve to anyone at this point! Reasonable prices, quality lessons, reliable and a good sense of humour at all times. Not to mention a very shiny car! Nice one Bampton :)

Natasha Breen

Michael Chulu

Hi, Michael here. I would like to thank Steve Bampton for being the best instructor ever. As a family friend, Steve has now passed both my younger brother and I on our first attempts with only four minors on my part. I passed my theory test a couple of years back and needed to pass my Practical test by April. I decided to employ Steve’s services. Steve had very little time to teach an ‘incompetent driver’ how to drive safely and make real progress at all times. Steve leaves nothing to chance by making sure he prepares you for what you will face in your practical test and more ! Steve is also fun to be around and very easy to talk to. Need I say more ?? Nope. Thank you lots Steve, your are a natural teacher !
See you around !


Michael Chulu

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I am over the moon….. I passed today first time. Steve is a spectacular driving instructor I really do advise everyone to learn with him. Thank you Steve I am now free to go places without relying on others. Amazing!

Scott Smith

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I recently moved to Exeter with no knowledge of the roads in Devon. I decided to star driving lessons and found Steve Bampton on the 1st for driving website. I contacted Steve who I found to be a amazing instructor who put me at ease straight away and ironed out all my mistakes in a relaxed way. I passed within 5weeks within meeting Steve Bampton if you want to pass your test Steve is most definitely the man to go to. Thank you very much Steve top bloke.

Steven V

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Steve is a brilliant instructor. His driving lessons are so easy to follow and full of fun. I am so glad that I can learn from him. I can not pass the driving test without his help. A Big Thank You to him and I strongly recommend him to other learners.

Yuan Zhao-Pomfret

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I had an intensive course with Steve after having had lots of lessons with other driving instructors. He made me feel confident and helped me with difficult maneuvers, without his help I am sure I wouldn’t of passed first time. I would recommend him to anybody wanting to learn to drive in devon.

Sarah Wilkin

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When I started learning to drive with Steve I had never previously had a lesson. After about 30 hours of lessons with several large breaks, I passed first time with just two minors. This was all down to the excellent guidance I had from Steve. He always has a smile on his face, encouraging you to feel comfortable and confident. Steve is patient and makes sure to improve all areas of your driving at once, while focusing on the newer areas. He is passionate in what he does and takes great pleasure in teaching pupils, whilst trying to do it in as short time as possible. I developed a great relationship with Steve while learning, leading to me enjoying lessons, even when they didn’t go so well. Steves flexibility allows you to move lessons around from a weekly slot, meaning you don’t have to worry about missing out for the week. I would recommend Steve to anyone in Devon who is considering undertaking lessons, and only have positive words to say about him.

Joshua Coxall

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I learnt drive with Steve after move to Exeter. I passed my test on second time.Steve is a very good instructor with the passion to his job. I gained a lot of good tips on anticipation which help me to pass. He is very friendly and flexible with timing. I will definitely recommend Steve to my friends.Thank you very much Steve.


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I have been learning to drive for over over 7 months during which I have had a break for about 2 months in the middle. Even though, I have had a large break in my lessons I managed to pass on my second go while narrowly missing out on my first. Steve is a great instructor who teaches you step by step and wants you to pass which is a very handy trait in an instructor ( not all instructors do). He prompts you to improve not only your physical driving but your theory as well in order to improve all your aspects. He is easy to get along with and understands how you operate and your driving style with ease.

Tom Harding

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I started having lessons with Steve Bampton after moving to Exeter from Cornwall where I had already had some lessons and had failed my test twice. I didn’t know anyone in Exeter who had had driving lessons locally, and so had to look online. At the time it was hard to decide which driving agency to sign up with. Looking back I’m very glad I decided to work with Steve! Steve has a warm and easy going nature. I enjoyed lessons with him- we often had a laugh and he helped me feel relaxed. Steve gave me useful feedback and I could tell he was thoughtful about my progress and development across lessons. His attitude was very professional and he was always prompt. Having lessons with him made me a more confident, capable and safe driver. Perhaps most importantly after our lessons I finally managed to pass! I would say that Steve is highly skilled at his job and I will be recommending him to anyone I hear of looking for an instructor locally.


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I undertook 12 refresher lesson’s with Steve after passing my test several years ago and having not driven since. I needed to get up to speed (ahem), so we went out in my newly purchased car. As an unconfident driver, Steve was incredibly patient and responsive to my learning needs. He helped make the whole experience an enjoyable one. He enabled me to feel comfortable on the road, as a novice driver. I’d highly recommend him to others.


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Steve Bampton is a lovely lovely instructor. He is so patient and kind and genuinely reeally wanted me to pass my test when I went for it! He makes sure that your always on your toes and always looking ahead when you’re driving always asking you what’s ahead. He also notes down what stage you’re at and what you need to focus on in your next lesson at the end of each lesson. He also really helped me get over my fear of fast roads with some good instructing. Really enjoyed all my driving lessons with Steve so thank you very much!

Katherine Armstrong

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steve bampton is a brilliant instructor he helped me pass my test when i was 69 yrs old i would recommend him to anyone when you are with him you are in safe hands

Mrs Yvonna Southwell

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I learnt to drive with Steve Bampton after having not driven for almost 5 years! Steve was a great instructor, very patient, chatty and genuine! I passed with only 4 minors, thank you Steve!! I would recommend Steve to everyone and have already passed around his business cards to friends.

Laura Greenwood

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One morning I decided to complete my driving practical after starting it before I came to university and surfed the web until I came across 1st 4 Driving Devon. I emailed Allan and he quickly responded with Steve’s number. I rang Steve, who was polite and helpful, and we arranged a lesson for the next day. Steve quickly identified areas in my driving that needed to be improved and set about righting these in a concise and efficient manner. Also, he was considerate with my lack of knowledge concerning the roads around Exeter. If you need to pass your test and your enjoy a good laugh, Steve is your man.

Chris Capper

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I learnt to drive with Steve three years ago now, he helped me to keep calm whilst I was driving. He was very patient with me, and helped me with my theory practice each week. I would highly recommend Steve because of his hard work and dedication to driving, and for making it such a pleasant experience.

Bobbi Richards

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steve was a fabulous driving instructor, couldn’t of asked for better! if he was able to make me pass then he is able to make anyone, always so happy, smiley and positive. a great guy and a great instructor!!!

Grace Parker

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Steve made me feel comfortable and at ease when learning to drive. He was very patient throughout the entire time that I learnt to drive with him. I would recommend him to any body that wants to learn to drive. He has a real passion for his job and has a clam and friendly manner. Thanks for all your help Veronica


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Steve Bampton is a great instructor, he was flexible, patient, vigilant, and very good at what he does. Steve was friendly and always made me feel comfortable which i feel is most important. He has a good sence of humour which calmed my nerves, eased the pressure and helped me to remember certain things. I passed my test with only 2 minors, Steve also taught my two brothers to drive and he passed all three of us in a short space of time, so i would definatly recommend Steve to anybody. I really enjoyed learning to drive with Steve and was sad to say goodbye, and am very grateful to have had such a good instructor. Thankyou Steve!!!! :o)


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Really good instuctor, I learned so much with him and I would advise anyone to learn with him as he is also very easy to understand.


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Steve took me through all my lessons, each very meticulous, polite, flexible and diligent. He was so patient and I passed my test with only 2 minors! Great drivers come from Steve! Highly recommended to all!!


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I found Steve Bampton a great instructor who not only provided me with competent driving skills, but was friendly and chatty! Passed my test with 1 minor, which just goes to show how nearly faultless my driving has become! Thanks very much Steve! :D


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